Ken Abbott

PhotoPole Panoramas

Images made from 24’ off the ground using a medium format digital camera attached to a telescoping carbon fiber pole, rotated to capture a panoramic series. I photograph the human landscape, and am drawn to small towns, rural areas, and transitional places at the edge of town.

Humor, madness, and unavoidable connection…

My friend Robert Benjamin, whose work was recently featured in Contact Sheet issue 201, wrote: “Ken Abbott’s remarkable pictures remind us of the unavoidable connection we all share, the humor and madness that surround our daily lives. It is where we live, what we are.”


Because wilderness is gone…”,

Robert Adams

From Art Can Help, Yale University Gallery Press, 2017: “Leo Rubinfien once encouraged me by writing that I had as a photographer ‘laid form lightly on life,’ a compliment I do not always deserve but one I think Ken deserves with photographs like this. Form in a picture is justified by our experience of wholeness (coherence) in life, and if we are to be convincingly reminded by art of such experience then the shape in art has to be believably tentative, as fragile as meaning seems to be in life, as problematic even as the future is for those cottonwood shoots there on the far side of the creek.”